Cheesecake Pans

"Delicious! We catered in sorbet and Italian ice for over 400 people. Everyone raved about how delicious it was . The food was great and they are wonderful to work with. We also ordered popcorn and the it's outrageous. Our favorite is Carmel/cheese mix. our variety cookie tray. This tray will have a variety of our seasonal best selling cookies."

Elevate your Event Experience!


Enjoy our cheesecake jars in 1/2 Cake Sheet pan (120 ounces). These are served in an aluminum sheet cake pan with cover. Take your dessert up a notch. We recommend serving this in 3 oz portions which will serve a total of 35-40 people.

*Must refrigerate until ready to serve.

Available for IN-Store PICK-UP ONLY. Be sure to look at our public service hours as we are only open Fri, Sat, and Sun. If you need delivery or full service, please contact us.