our story

The Bitoy’s Sweet Treats Brand started long before we opened our doors in 2015. Juanita Sally Bitoy “Grandma” long started her journey on Chicago Avenue as an activist for community justice, social worker, wife, and mother in the 1950’s. She laid the groundwork for what you see today.

Each batch of treats is sourced from the highest quality ingredients and made in small batches. The menu concepts are inspired from family favorites that have been tested on many Thanksgivings, Christmas dinners, and social gatherings throughout the years.

It is an honor and a privilege to have nestled our flagship location one block from where Juanita started her journey of sharing love in Chicago’s historic Austin community. Our vision was to continue to share that love and the love of food, in a dainty atmosphere with a community feel and feel good about doing it.

We are born, bred, and inspired from Chicago, which is where our products are made fresh daily. We hope that you can taste the love we put into each treat. From our Kitchen to Yours.